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Our 2025C Ultra Mini Alternator is Best Suited
to race applications where high output is not needed

2025C Ultra MINI
2002 Ultra

           Our 2001C Alternator

$ 145.00

East Coast Auto Electric 2001C Chrome 12 Volt Series Alternator
The 2001C is the chrome version of the 10SI alternator that has been used for years as a staple of hotrod applications. Will fit in most aftermarket street rod brackets.

East Coast Auto Electric Full Size 2007C 110 amp

The 2007C 110 amp and 2009C 160 amp give more output and are better at idle than the 2001C. They fit in the same brackets as the 2001C and are a better choice for rods with electric pumps.

Part Number Description
2007C 110 Amp
2009C 160 Amp

East Coast Auto Electric's 2007 Alternator
           Our 2007C 110 Amp Alternator

           Starting at $ 249.99

Check to Order 160 Amp Version #2009C

East Coast Auto Electric's 2009 Alternator
East Coast Auto Electric Ford Alternator

This is the standard Ford 1G alternator used
with extrenal regulators from 1963 to 1989.

           Our 7058C Ford Alternator

           $ 169.99

             Our Classic Chrysler Alternator
East Coast Auto Electric Chrome Chrysler 12 Volt Series

This is the Classic Chrysler alternator used with an regulator
and will fit Chrysler Products from 1966 to 1984

East Coast Auto Electric's 7023C Chrysler Alternator

$ 169.95

East Coast 2072 Starter, click image for larger view
$ 199.00

East Coast 2072C Chrome Super Mini

Our Super Mini Starter in chrome will start even the largest engines.

3510C Starter

The Chrome version of GM's standard Starter, for those who want the "Classic" look.
           Our 3510C Chrome GM Starter

Only $ 129.99

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