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High Torq Starters and Accessories

Perfect Start System            

ECAE 2070 Starter Drive

Your Price $ 59.95
East Coast Perfect Start System, The "PSS" was developed for the racer to help eliminate their starting problems. It is small, light weight and very simple to install on any severe super duty starter. The "Perfect Start System" can be purchased for the racer to install on their starter, or you can buy an East Coast Auto Electric SuperStarter with the "PSS" already installed.

Proven heavyduty 20 sprag design replaces 5 rollers & springs for superior torque distribution. Tough alloy steel gear and shaft with superior bearings and long life return spring.

2070 2HD Starter Drive            

ECAE 2070 Starter Drive

Your Price $ 149.99

Chevy Starters

ECAE 2072 Mini Starter

Your Price $ 219.99
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The Super Mini Starter is recommended for engines over 500CI or with high compression ratios. The Super Mini Starter has the same qualities as our Mini-starter but has additional features such as larger field windings, stronger armature and bigger brushes. The Super Mini Starter is a 2.4 HP motor which delivers about 40% additional torque and is 1 inch longer. It can be used with either a 153 or 168 tooth flexplate.

Chrome Version $269.95
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HD 20 Sprag Design Starter $349.99
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For applications requiring more torque and lighter weight our Mini-Starter is the ideal piece. It's high torgue 3.75 to 1 gear reduction design spins engines faster while requiring less amps. The small size allows more clearance between oil pan and headers. The Mini-Starter features full ball bearing design and can be mounted inversely. For high performance at a reasonable price get the East Coast Auto Electric Mini-starter today.

2070 MINI-STARTER            

ECAE 2070 Mini

Your Price $ 199.99

Ford Starters


ECAE Ford Starters

Your Price $ 219.99
This is the Ford version of our 2070 Mini-starter for automatic transmissions engines and late model standard transmissions like the 5.0 mustang. It can be used where ever a Ford # SA737 is used.

Chrysler Starters


This ND style gear reduction starter is the answer to the starting needs of Mopar engines. This light weight starter fits slant 6, 3.9, V6 and small big block engines


ECAE Mopar Start

Your Price $ 159.99

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